Your written submission must be completed online using no more than 1000 words.

To enter an award click on you chosen category to access the entry form and complete all sections.

The entry should show how you meet all the criteria listed in your chosen category. These can be summarised as follows:

  • The brief – what was the nature of the task?
  • Objective – What was your activity/business designed to acheive achieve?
  • Solution – what answer to the brief did you devise?
  • Results – what was the actual outcome of activity?


Entrants should read the following guidelines and rules before submitting their entry:

All entries must be submitted online via this website. No hardcopy entries will be accepted.

Entries exceeding 1000 words will be automatically marked down by the judges.

Only fully completed entry forms will be accepted. Word limits are to be strictly observed. Judges will only receive the exact number of words requested.

The entry fee is £250 + VAT per submission or 3 entries for £650 + VAT.

Payment must be made prior to the deadline date for entries. Payment will be accepted by credit card or by bank transfer in GBP. You will be invoiced on receipt of your entry.

  • Submissions should refer largely to projects and results from work which has taken place between August 2018 and the date of submission.

Please also submit your company logo (in eps format) when sending your entry.

The entry form represents the full and entire official entry. Attempts to further influence the judges by any means outside of, or in addition to, the official entry may result in disqualification.

In case of technical difficulties entrants are advised to save a version of their entry in word prior to submitting their entry.

On receipt of your entry, the awards administrators will confirm its arrival via email. If you do not obtain such a receipt within three days, it is your responsibility to contact us to confirm its arrival. Unless you have this written or verbal confirmation from us, we cannot guarantee the arrival of your entry.

It is essential that we can contact you easily with questions regarding your entry, or judging enquiries and requests for further information. Therefore, please provide us with an awards liaison representative who can take these enquiries. You must provide their full contact details on the entry form.

Companies will be shortlisted in each category and the shortlist will be published in mid September 2019. The Winners will be announced during the Awards dinner in London in November 2019.

All shortlisted companies must have at least one representative at the awards ceremony to potentially collect their award. Therefore upon shortlisting, all shortlisted entrants will be liable for one seat at the Awards Dinner.

All entrants reaching the provisional shortlist will be contacted upon announcement of the provisional shortlist to discuss their attendance and promotional options. Entrants unable to commit to attendance at the Awards ceremony will not be included in the final shortlist.

We will publish details of the shortlisted entrants and category winners, including profiles of their projects/technologies/services etc., using the information taken from the entry form. We will not reveal the names of those companies/individuals who are not shortlisted.

100% of the booking fee must be paid within 30 days following the date of invoice. This booking may only be cancelled by notifying the organisers. All cancellations MUST be confirmed in writing no later than three weeks before the event. A cancellation fee of 50% will apply. No refunds will be made for cancellations in the three weeks prior to the event.